A Mind Mapping tool is just one example of visual learning tool technology that can be used to teach to different learning styles.
The benefits to mind mapping with technology over paper are that it:
  1. can be easily edited (change, add, move, or delete nodes)
  2. doesn't get messy like paper as more ideas are added,
  3. can be published in a variety of formats (pdf, web links, graphic image, print, etc.),
  4. with some software can be edited simultaneously by multiple users online


  • Kidspiration is a concept-mapping program for K-5 elementary students.
  • Kidspiration 2 "is the latest version of a popular visual learning tool for students in grades K-5. Kidspiration allows kids to sort and organize information; synthesize, analyze, and evaluate ideas; create graphic organizers, such as diagrams, webs, and concept maps; follow the writing process; and then combine pictures, text, and narration to produce stories and reports."
  • **Inspiration** is a concept-mapping program for students in grades 6-12.

Three Web-Based Mind Mapping Tools Reviewed Read this article for an overview of available software for business which would be usable for high school students.
  • Free Software Download: The article references FreeMind a free software download. (You must also have Java. Read the warnings during the setup for the link to download Java if needed.) It was easy to use the basic features that I tried.
  • Online Mind Mapping Tool: For an online tool I tried the free 30 day trial of MindMeister which allows collaboration. Here's a demo. Below is a MindMeister sample I created. MindMeister allows multiple users to collaborate online simultaneously on the same mind map. (Use your mouse to click and drag the mind map to see portions that aren't viewable.)

  • Another Online Mind Mapping Tool: Mind42 is not referenced in the article. It is still in the Beta (or trial) version. But it is FREE and not just for the 30 day trial. (Now who knows when they get past the Beta if that will contiunie to be true.) Here is the sample I created. Use the tools below it to zoom in/out. Click and drag to move the view.