This page was created for preservice teachers to share information about preparing for the Praxis exams. Feel free to add information, links, encouragement, and whatever else you think would be beneficial to your fellow Praxists (I made that word up--ha ha). You can even add a New Page by using the link to the left and then create a link from this page to the new page by using the Insert Link button. (Note: It's best to not use spaces when creating page names.) So share, study, and let me know if you need help by emailing me at my outside email address that you have from class.

Marian University PRAXIS Resources including a link to Study Guides and Practice Tests
Marian University Academic Support Services (locations and phone numbers)
Marian University Department of Teacher Education Student Handbook

The Praxis Series™: Teacher Licensure and Certification from ETS (Educational Testing Service)
Wisconsin: Praxis Test Requirements from ETS

Wisconsin Testing Requirements for Teachers (Word doc) from the Wisconsin's DPI

Praxis Practice Questions