Here is information related to where educational technology is headed.

Big Ideas for Better Schools presented by Edutopia
Be sure to click on the Reality Check links.

Future School by Alvin Toffler

Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age by Mitchel Resnick (Chapter of 3 of The Global Information Technology Report 2001-2002: Readiness for the Networked World)
For more information on Resnick see his section under Leaders on the Research(ers) page.

Education for the 21st Century: The Basics

Y2K inspired some great thoughts about the future of education and interesting perspectives about what lies ahead by leaders in the field of educational technology. This two-part article offers some great ideas. As you read it consider what predictions have already come to fruition, what may be yet to come, and what has already been shown to be inaccurate. Thinking About the Future-Part I and Thinking About the Future-Part II

"The Future of Learning" Manifesto
Read it as if a student is talking with you openly. Try to be a good listener.
On the top right side of the page, there are also links for Classroom 2.0 and The School 2.0

John Seely Brown is the former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation who now calls himself the "Chief of Confusion, helping people ask the right questions, trying to make a difference through my work- speaking, writing, teaching."
See especially the section called Learning in the Digital Age.

Lifelong Kindergarten is created by the MIT Media Lab. "We develop new technologies that, in the spirit of the blocks and fingerpaint of kindergarten, expand the range of what people can design, create, and learn."
Check out the Projects. See Papert and Resnick in the Leaders section on the Research(ers) page for related info.