Wikis in Plain English:

This video gives an overview of what a wiki is. It's a good starting place.

Resources and Examples:

EducationalWikis has great examples that you can view of just that, educational wikis. Or visit the Wiki Examples page for a list of educational wikis by grade level.

Wiki Wisdom: Lessons for Educators is an article from Education Week that offers a good overview and helpful tips.

What is a Wiki? by Teaching Hacks includes teaching ideas by subject area.

TeachersFirst wiki about wikis, including the Wiki Walk Through

The Horizon Project is a collaborative global project.

Reading, Writing, and Wikis

blogs in education Blogs are online journals and preceded wikis as an online tool. Many educators use them to enhance learning.

Learn from the Wiki Makers:

audio2.jpg Visit EdTechLive to listen to two interviews with Victoria Davis and Adam Frey (Interviewed by Steve Hargadon). Once at EdTechLive scroll down the list to find NECC 2007 Presentation: "Using Wikis in the Classroom" and "Wikis--What Are They, and Why Use Them in Education?" (Use the Play button in the Play or Download column to start the recording.)
Victoria Davis' wiki is named after her school Westwood. She explains creating the site on her blog.

EdTechLive Recordings List

Multimedia Tools:

You can embed pictures, audio, and video into the wiki. Here are some sites that will help create or edit various multimedia files.

PDF documents:

Doro PDF printer converts word processing documents into PDF


Picasa -Free photo editing software by Google


How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Make Your First Podcast


Atomic Learning's K-12 tutorial for Windows Movie Maker 2
Windows Movie Maker 2 tutorial by
Microsoft's Info on Windows Movie Maker 2

Wiki's as Reference Tools: